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Classroom Supplies Low  

Hey guys, 


We are at the end of August and our classroom is lacking supplies! Many of the students ask for hand sanitizer and tissues but we never have any. We are also doing a crazy amount of math on our whiteboards which means our expo markers are drying up. If you would be willing to donate expo markers, hand sanitizer, or tissues it would make our classroom healthier and much more productive! 





Optional Homework for 8/28 - 9/1  

Hey guys, 


The homework for next week will start with the following problems

Pg96 Problems 3 - 4, 3 - 5, 3 - 6

Pg 100 Problems 3 - 13, 3 - 15

If your child is struggling in class I encourage you to visit 

Hand Sanitizer Needed!  

Hey guys, 


Several of the students are in the need of hand sanitizer. Any donations would be greatly appreciated!






Optional Homework!  

Parents! The students will be able to get some extra practice at home. 

I sent out a sheet of paper explaining how to register for your online text book.

The students can get great practice from working through the following pages. 

Pg 49 2-8, 2-9

Pg 50 2-13

Pg 57 2-29, 2-30

Follow Mr. Kaufman's Class on Twitter for Updates!  

Follow the class @MrCoffeman

Recommended HW: 8/14 - 8/18  

Students and Parents! There is optional homework available on request from Mr. Kaufman. It is a packet where the students will practice proportional relationships. When the student is finished, they will hand it in. 

Online Textbook Available!  

Parents! Your child now has access to his/her textbook.

Go to    then click enroll.

Type in the code, "HQPFN"