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Supply List 

Required Materials for Daily Success:

** 4 vcomposition notebookinyl folders with prongs (brads) and pockets.

** 2 pencilcomposition notebooks - college ruled is preferred unless the child has excessively large handwriting, in which case wide ruled will be accepted.

** PENS, any colors or type - I prefer no pencils as the lead on the paper rubs away over time, and we'll be referring to notes CONSISTENTLY throughout the year.

** STICKY NOTES: we will use these extensively throughout the year for note-taking, quick assessments, etc.

** Markers/crayons/color pencils/glue sticks - these will be used for projects and artistic activities periodically; for these types of activities, creativity will be a component of the grading rubric.                  

color pencils           markers


Teacher's Wish List - Items that are NOT required but REQUESTED :)


Clorox Wipes

Expo Markers, erasers, board cleaner.

Crayons, pens, pencils, markers, glue, construction paper, or any artistic supplies you can donate!

used magazines and newspapers, etc.