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Kelsey Lantrip Staff Photo

Supply List 

Ms. Lantrip’s Supply List

·        100-page Composition Book (2) - One will be used for Bellwork, the other will be used for notetaking and activities. These are both graded. These notebooks should be dedicated to SOCIAL STUDIES ONLY. No binders or notebooks containing other class' work. 

·        2-Pocket Folder with prongs (1)

·        Pack of 3x5 Index Cards

·        Post-its

·        16 or 24 pack Crayons

Blue or Black Pens

·       Highlighter

·        Scotch Tape

·        Glue sticks

·        Student scissors

*The above supplies include items that each student will be using daily. It is important that every student be prepared in order to begin the year on a successful note! These supplies will NOT be kept in the classroom or available for use by any other student. Your child is responsible for keeping and taking care of supplies on a daily basis and may have to be replenished throughout the year. There will be no exceptions.

Ms. Lantrip's Wish List

(These are items that are greatly appreciated for use by students in our classroom that are otherwise unavailable)

-Germ-X/Hand Sanitizer
-Loose-Leaf Paper
-Colored Copy paper
-Pens (blue or black ink only)

-#2 Pencils
-Bag of individually wrapped candy (please no chocolate or products containing peanuts)