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Unit Title: Similarities and Differences

  • Essential Question: Is it our differences or similarities that matter the most?
  • Extended Text: Fiction - Student Choice Novels.
  • Skills Focus - Writing: narrative; Reading: Fiction; Speaking and Listening: analyze for purpose; Language: figurative language, nuances, connotations & denotations.

What is happening in class this week?Work Together

Going back to the basics: understanding the central idea, theme, and citing the best details in the text to support our analysis.

  • Reading Literature 8.2: Analyze the development of the theme.
  • Reading Literature 8.1: Select the best text-dependent details and evidence to support analysis, including explicit and implicit meanings.
  • Reading Informational Text 8.2: Analyze the development of the central idea.
  • Reading Informational Text 8.1: Select the best details and evidence to support analysis.

ALL students are required to complete a weekly homework assignment on This website is essential for student success and will be a key assessment tool used to determine student proficiency and teacher next steps.