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About This Class 

RAMP Program Design

1. Upon arrival, the student reports directly to the office or to the designated area.       

2. The RAMP teacher escorts the students, as a group, to the classroom.

3. Cell phones are placed at a designated area at the front of the classroom.

4. Classroom design is different from the general classroom. Desks are in an arrangement other than rows with students seated away from each other. Blinders are suggested for each student.                                                                                     

5. Each RAMP assignment is for a minimum three (3) successful days. RAMP is not a typical In-School Suspension (ISS) program. The student must be present for 63% of the school day to be counted as a full day.

6.  The teacher(s) of each student assigned to RAMP will visit the student in the RAMP classroom each day. The purpose in the visit is for the teacher to determine any clarification that the student may need in the completion of assignments. Also, this is an opportunity for the student to submit completed work to the teacher. Finally, this is also an opportunity for the teacher and the student to have positive, affirming conversation.

7. The RAMP teacher will escort students assigned to RAMP to the cafeteria. Students will eat lunch in a designated area with at least one seat between each student. Also, students will be seated so that no one is sitting directly across from them.                 

8. RAMP will use a point system to help students and parents to identify both successful, as well as, unsuccessful days. The point system is 0 to 5, with 5 being optimal. A daily score of 3 or better is considered as successful.                                                     

9. Each student will begin the day with 5 points. The second warning will result in the loss of a point. If the student reaches a score of 2 or less, the student will telephone a parent to inform of the unsuccessful day.                                                                       

10. A second unsuccessful day will result in an additional day of RAMP or a mandatory student/parent/administration conference.

11. Three (3) unsuccessful days will result in a suspension and/or disciplinary hearing.

12.  Parents are expected to sign their child's feedback sheet on a daily basis. These sheets need to be returned to the RAMP teacher each day. Failure to return the signed feedback sheet will result in the loss of 1 point and parent contact.

13. The teacher to student ratio should not exceed 8:1.                                

14. The DCS Student Code of Conduct will be followed during the entirety of the RAMP assignment.        

15. The RAMP program is not appropriate for the student who is removed from class for one block or half day.                                        

16. Students may enter RAMP at different times. Example: Bob begins on Monday; Susie may enter RAMP on Tuesday, etc. However, the ratio should remain 8:1.