Amanda Harris

7th Grade Inclusion



"We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future."  - Franklin D. Roosevelt


     I absolutely love my job as a 7th grade inclusion teacher at Southaven Middle and see each day as a challenge!  I do my best to meet the individual needs of each and every student I teach.  My number one priority as an educator is to instill confidence in my students and provide them with opportunities for success. 

     Parents, you have the most AWESOME children EVER!!!  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be ENTERTAINED, INSPIRED, and AMAZED by them every day!  Please do not hesitate to call, text, or e-mail if I can be of assistance.  #BelieveTheBest  

About the Teacher

  I received my undergraduate degree in Educational Psychology from Mississippi State University.  I also have a Master's in Education from the University of Mississippi.  Teaching endorsements include Mild/Mod Disabilities (K-12), English (7-12), and Gifted (K-12).