Sanrick Shannon

Health, PE



Hello Parents and Students! My name Sanrick Shannon, and I am a P.E teacher, coach, and athletic director at Southaven Middle School. I am excited about teaching at Southaven Middle School. I enjoy teaching young students and conducting physical activities. 

About the Teacher

I have been teaching P.E. and health for 12 years. I want my students to understand the importance of being physically active. Also, I want my students to know how to live and and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Physical Activities Beyond the Classroom!

1. Take a 30-45 minute walk 3 to 4 days in a week.

2. Do 50 body squats 3 days per week.

3. Do 50 sit ups and crunches everyday.

4. Do several sets jumping jacks everyday.

5. Do stretches daily.

*Students continue doing the same stretching routine we do in class daily.