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July 16, 2015 = Night Registration

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This year SMS incoming 6th - 8th graders will explore Wonder by R.J. Palacio as a shared summer reading. This book will be utilized to kick off classroom community building as students enter middle school. Students should report to 6th grade prepared to discuss this text in literature circles and whole class discussions. 

Assignment: Tracking our Thinking through

R.J. Palacio’s Wonder

As you are reading, track your favorite quotes from the book on the left side of the chart. Be sure to note the page number. On the right side of the chart, explain why this quote stood out to you. These quotes will be used to fuel discussion upon returning to school. You are required to capture a minimum of five (5) quotes from the book. However, feel free to make additional copies or draw your own chart on paper if more quotes grab your attention. There is no right or wrong on this one-just good ideas! (An example has been provided for you!)

Quote & Page Number


“Mr. Browne’s September precept: When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind.” (p.47)



This quote really stands out to me because sometimes being right can cause us to hurt others’ feelings. Sometimes we have to let go of control and simply listen to others.


Understanding Initiative 42

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