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Haslip, Dennis Assistant Principal
Williams, Levi Principal
Chrestman, Timothy Assistant Principal
Hurst, Elizabeth Assistant Principal
Reed, Sharon Assistant Principal

Allinder, Lauren 6th Grade Language Arts & Social Studies
Anderson, Robert 6th Grade Math & Science
Arcutt, Tabitha 7th Grade Pre-Algebra & Math 7
Barker, Amy 8th Algebra I &Transitions to Algebra
Betts, Kayleigh 7th Grade Social Studies
Bledsoe, Jennifer 6th Grade Language Arts & Social Studies
Boggan, Stephen Technology Foundations; Boys Basketball
Bostick, Lindsey Gifted
Brazier, Lorrie 8th Grade Counselor
Brown, Shawn Technology Foundations
Brunenkant, Dylan 7th Grade Science
Byrd, Laverne 7th Grade Pre-Algebra & Math 7
Campbell, Hannah 6th Grade Math & Science
Campbell, Richard 8th Grade Science
Chandler, Suzanne Special Services; LSC
Chester, Shuntay 7th Grade Language Arts
Christ, Mark 8th Grade U.S. History
Clay, Jonathan 7th Grade Eastern Hemisphere
Coleman, Kristen 7th Grade Science
Coltharp, Virginia SPED
Conner, Douglas 8th Grade Transitions to Algebra & Pre-Algebra
Day, India 8th Grade Language Arts
Deluke, Deborah 7th Grade Language Arts
Donati, Mallory 8th grade inclusion
Dyar, Linda Gifted
Eison, Jonathan 7th Grade Eastern Hemisphere
Faulkner, Shane PE; Boys Sports
Fennema, Tyler 7th Grade Eastern Hemisphere
Ferguson, Lelia 7th Grade Counselor
Flowers, Sara 6th Grade Math & Science
Ford, Renee 6th Grade Math & Science
Gales, Kimberly 8th Grade Science
Gray, Pamela Read 180
Greene, Bryant Learning Strategies
Hampton, Charlotte 8th Grade Special Services
Harper, Jessica 6th Grade Math & Science
Harris, Amanda 7th Grade Special Education
Hunt, Christy ADA Clerk
Jackson, Michelle Transitions to Algebra/Pre-Algebra
Jones, Kenny 8th Grade Science
Jones, Na'Keesha
Kinney, Rhonda 7th Grade Pre-Algebra & Math 7
Knichel, Rosa 7th Grade Language Arts
Landrum, Andrea PE and Girls Sports
Lee, John 8th Grade Science
Lewis, Christine 6th Grade Counselor
Long, Davina 7th Grade Language Arts
Martin, Jenni 6th Grade Math & Science
Martin, Kimberly 6th Grade Math and Science
McCandless, Justin Technology
McDaniel, Virginia Band
McGaha, Walter 7th Grade Science
Mitchell, Megan
Moran, Jennie 7th Grade Science
Nichols, Teisha SPED/Community Based
O'Barr, Bailey 6th Grade Language Arts & Social Studies
Oliver, Allison Special Education
Perryman, Dennis 8th Grade U.S. History
Pickering, Melody 7th Grade Science
Price, Gwen 8th Grade Language Arts
Reed, Amanda Special Education
Richardson, Kandace 6th Grade Math & Science
Riley, Ashley 8th Grade Language Arts
Robinson, Laura 6th Grade LA
Scott, Elizabeth 6th Grade Language Arts & Social Studies
Shaw, Stephanie PE Assistant
Siadak, Misty Technology Foundations
Stafford, Stephen PE; Boys Sports
Stanford, Megan 6th Grade Language Arts & Social Studies
Swartz, Melissa 7th Grade Language Arts
Tanner, Shelley U.S. History; Girls Soccer
Thompson, Jennifer 6th Grade Language Arts & Social Studies
Thompson, Lesiah 8th Grade Language Arts
Thornton, Tara 6th Grade Language Arts & Social Studies
Tucker, Darrell PE; Boys Sports
Vo, Michelle 6th Grade Language Arts & Social Studies
West, Debbie Librarian

Fox, Laura Bookkeeper
Howell, Debbie Attendance; Discipline
Hunt, Christy ADA Clerk
Marquez, Cynthia Sped Asst.
Minor, Deborah Nurse
Mowery, Gina Receptionist
O'Hearn, Robert Maintenance
Oliver, Rose Food Services
Pence, Mechelle Personal Care Assistant
Reeves, Shelby Clerk
Starkey, Tina Special Education
Ulve, Stacey
Workman, Christina Personal Care Assistant
Wright, Monica MSIS Clerk

McCandless, Justin Technology