Chrestman, Paul Principal
Eddlemon, Nick Assistant Principal
Hall, Tyrone Assistant Principal
Hurst, Elizabeth Assistant Principal
Harville, Heather Assistant Principal

Allinder, Lauren 8th Grade Language Arts
Anderson, Robert 6th Grade Math & Science
Arndt, Andrea 7th Grade Language Arts/SMS Cheer Sponsor
Barnett , Shirelle Director of Bands Middle School, Assistant High School Director
Billingsley, Kimberly 6th Grade Math
Bledsoe, Jennifer 6th Grade Language Arts
Boyd , Ashley 8th Grade Math
Boyd, Robert 7th Grade Science
Brigance, Anna 6th Grade Language Arts
Brooks, Nicole 6th Grade Math
Brunenkant, Dylan 8th Grade Science
Brunenkant, India 8th Grade Language Arts
Bustos, Samantha 8th Grade Math
Byrd, Laverne 7th Grade Math
Campbell, Richard 8th Grade Science
Carter, Justina 6th Grade Social Studies
Chester, Shuntay 7th Grade Language Arts
Chrestman, Paul Principal
Christ, Mark 8th Grade U.S. History
Clay, Jonathon 7th Grade Eastern Hemisphere
Coleman, Kristen 8th Grade Science; Girls Basketball
Crocker, James Band, Assistant High School Director
Cullen, Joye 7th Grade Math
Deluke, Deborah Technology Foundations
Dunlap, Anna Literacy Coach
Dunnigan, Denise 8th Grade Language Arts
Dyar, Linda Gifted
Dyess, Hallie Speech Therapist
Eison, Jonathan 7th Grade Eastern Hemisphere
Faggard, Mandy 6th Grade Language Arts
Faulkner, Shane PE; Boys Sports
Fennema, Kayleigh 7th Grade Eastern Hemisphere
Fennema, Tyler 7th Grade Eastern Hemisphere
Ford, Renee' 6th Grade Science/Social Studies
Goolsby, Kelly 6th Grade Science
Hampton, Charlotte 8th Grade Inclusion for English and math
Harper, Jessica 6th Grade Math
Harris, Amanda 7th Grade Inclusion
Hughes, Dustin PE
Hurst, Elizabeth Assistant Principal
Kaufman, Robert 8th Grade Math
Kinney, Rhonda 7th Grade Math
Knichel, Rosa 7th Grade Language Arts
Lane, Louis 6th Grade Math
Lantrip, Kelsey 6th Grade Social Studies
Lee, John Physical Education
Lewis, Christine 6th Grade Counselor
Long, Davina 7th Grade Language Arts
Lowery, Erma 7th Grade Math
Lyons, Megan 6th Grade Language Arts
Martin, Kimberly 8th Grade Science
McLendon, Neil 6th Grade Science
Migues, Blake EL Teacher
Mitchell, Megan 8th Grade Language Arts
Nichols, Teisha SPED/Community Based
Oliver, Allison Special Education; MET Chairperson
Parish, Mary 6th Grade Social Studies
Parks, Shelby Technology Foundations/SMS Dance Sponsor
Pennington, Lisa 7th Grade Math
Perdue, Jakeyia 8th Grade Inclusion (Math & ELA)
Perryman, Dennis 8th Grade U.S. History and Assistant Fast Pitch Softball coach at Southaven High School
Pickering, Melody 8th Grade Math
Pinkston, Dani Read 180
Poole, Leigh Ann 7th Grade Science
Porter, Marlana 6th Grade Math
Price, Gwendolyn Technology Foundations
Propst, Pamela 7th Grade Mathematics
Riley, Ashley 8th Grade Language Arts
Roberts, Miranda 8th Grade Counselor
Robinson, Laura 6th Grade Language Arts
Sanders, Marsha Special Education - Community Based
Scott, Elizabeth 6th Grade Language Arts/Social Studies
Shingler, Lisa 6 Grade SPED
Siadak, Misty Technology Foundations
Sides, Debbie EL Teacher
Stafford, Stephen PE; Boys Sports
Stanford, Megan Gifted, Chess, Knowledge Bowl, and Youth in Government
Tanner, Shelley 8th Grade U.S. History; Girls Soccer
Thomas, Zurick Special Education
Thompson, Jennifer 6th Grade Resource
Thompson, Lesiah 8th Grade Language Arts
Thornton, Tara 8th Grade Math
Townsley, Nicole Special Education Inclusion 7th and 8th
Tubbs, Mendy 7th Grade Science
Voyles, Abby Special Education
Wagner, James 8th Grade U.S. History
Warren, Nina 7th Grade Science
West, Debbie Librarian
Westcot, Candice 7th Grade Language Arts
Williams, Renae 7th Grade Language Arts
Wilson, Jaleesa 8th Grade Math
Wright, Cara Special Education

Aldridge, Lashana Instructional Asst.
Ball, Telitha TST/Test Coordinator
Carver, Sharon Title Tutor
Conway, Melanie Title 1 Math Coach
Crawford, Patricia Clerical
Davis, Amy Math Coach
Davis, Bethanie ADA Clerk
Elmore, Shelby Classroom Tech Coach
Gilmore, Katie Speech Pathologist
Gonzalez, Addison ALC Teacher
Green, Kara Physical Therapist Asst.
Gross, Bruce Maintenance Mgr.
Hunt, Christy ADA Clerk
Jones, Jazlyn Instructional Asst.
Jones, Joshua ALC Asst.
Lindsey, Mandy Positive Behavior Specialist
McCandless, Justin Computer Tech
Novay, Teresa Cafeteria Manager
Phillips, Lisa SPED Asst.
Ramos, Jennifer SPED Asst.
Rogers, Lawanda Instructional Asst.
Sims, Sherry Bookkeeper
Smith, Amy School Nurse
Terry, Tyler SPED Asst.
Tolley, Charlotte Title 1 Reading Coach
Wilson, Bonetiva SPED Asst.
Workman, Ruby Title Tutor