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Melody Pickering Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
8th Grade Accelerated Math



I have a B.A. Ed in Elementary Education from the University of Mississippi.  In addition to my elementary certification, I am highly qualified to teach Science, Math, and English in grades K-12.


I am beginning my 7th year here at Southaven Middle School. I taught 7th grade Science for 2 years. This is my 5th year to teach 8th grade Math and my 2nd year to teach Pre-AP 8th Grade Math. 




I have a thirst for knowledge that is neverending.  I always want to know more about everything, and can barely make it through a book, movie, tv show, or conversation without having to look something up!  The electronic age is fantastic for people like me.


I am a voracious reader, and my favorite genres are SciFi and Fantasy; however, I will read anything that sits still long enough.  I adore comic books.  Currently I am going through a phase of reading dystopian literature, mostly young adult.  I am always happy to give a book reference or chat about a book.


Mark and I are happy to live here in Southaven with our two boys, Zane (9) and Miles (7).  Miles is in 2nd grade at Greenbrook Elementary School, and Zane is in 4th grade at Southaven Intermediate School.