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Case 21  

Case 21 testing begins Monday, February 26.  Be sure to look over passages annotated throughout the year. 

We Beat the Street Project  

Reminder: We Beat the Street projects are due Monday, Dec. 4

Coat of Arms  

Reminder: Coat of Arms projects are due Monday, Aug. 28.


I am excited to announce that our first test will be Friday, August 11.  Studying beforehand is not required.  The purpose of this test is to assess the prior knowledge of students in order to set individual learning goals for 7th grade. Only a pencil and a well-rested mind is required for class on Friday.  

PDF/Word Documents  

If you are having issues printing a PDF file, try the following procedures:

1. Download Adobe Reader.

2. Save, open, and print the file in Adboe Reader.

If you are having issues opening a Word Document, try the following procedures:

1. Select save instead of open.

2. If there is an error message, select retry.

3. Open the document.

The Calendar Section  

Please be aware that you can click on an event on the calendar to get a description or explanation of an assignment/event.

Student Data Sheet  

Students were given a Student Data Sheet that has to be completed by a parent/guardian and returned Friday, August 11.  Thank you.