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Classroom Rules and Procedures  

Welcome to Southaven Middle School and the 6th grade!

I hope everyone is looking forward to an exciting, challenging, and successful school year. Your teachers are here to help you develop responsibility, independence, and organization in addition to mastering the required academic objectives for all DeSoto county 6th grade students. Classrooms are a place for learning. In order for them to run smoothly, efficiently, and fairly, there must be classroom rules and procedures set in place and these must be followed by EVERYONE at ALL times.

Please take time to review our classroom expectations, conduct, and procedures so that we can all work together to make your 6th grade experience the best it can possibly be! 

Classroom Expectations: The expectations we have established in our classrooms are needed to insure that unwanted behaviors and activities are avoided and that everyone has a pleasant, friendly, and safe place to learn and grow academically. 


***Cheating or forgery will not be tolerated in our classrooms at any time. Both the student who shares his/her work on an assignment AND the student who copies it will suffer the same consequences by receiving a zero. We expect you to do your own work and not let anyone copy your assignments. This not only includes test, quizzes, and class work completed during class time, but also homework assignments, signed papers, worksheets, projects, etc. done at home and/or completed outside the classroom. Please show respect and integrity to yourself and your teachers by never cheating!


Classroom Conduct

A discipline documentation chart will be used to record students’ behaviors and consequences. Each time a student chooses to break a rule or displays an inappropriate behavior, a mark will be recorded. A new chart will be used each nine weeks. The chart system is an accurate and fair method for recording and determining conduct grades at the end of each nine weeks grading period. ***Disciplinary notes will be sent home every Friday and must be signed by a parent/guardian and returned on Monday.

Class Dojo will also be used in the classroom. This discipline system will be introduced at a later date. Check out

If a student receives a 2nd weekly discipline note in a nine week period, parent contact (by phone or e-mail) will be made.

If a student receives a 3rd discipline note in a nine week period, he/she will be given an office referral. At this point the principal will administer an appropriate punishment. This may include a paddling, Alternative Learning Center or suspension.

Please keep in mind that there are offenses that require immediate office referral. These are covered by DeSoto County/SMS handbook.

Good behavior will not go unnoticed! In addition to having a satisfactory mark on their report cards and praise given to them by their teachers, students can earn rewards such as special classroom privileges and/or a good behavior referral, as well as any other reward system their teacher chooses to establish in his/her classroom, whether it is for an individual student or for the class as a whole.


Classroom Procedures ~

Beginning the class period: Students are to enter the classroom in a quiet and orderly manner and go directly to their desk. Upon taking their seats, students should immediately note the day’s agenda and homework assignments on the board and copy these down in their agenda. Once completed, students are to begin on bell work/journals without being told to do so. Bell work/journals may be collected/checked at any time unannounced for a class work grade.


~Homework: Homework is given on a needed basis. It will count as 10% of the nine week grade. Homework assignments are collected at the beginning of the class period and are due the day after it was assigned (unless the teacher instructs otherwise). No homework is accepted late unless the student was absent if prior approval form the teacher was granted. If a student is absent the day a homework assignment is due, it will be collected the day the student returns.


~Make-up work: It is the student’s responsibility to make up any assignments missed due to absences. When a student returns to class, he/she should follow the procedure for missed work provided by the teacher. A student has 1 day to make up any work for every 1 day missed.


~Tests/quizzes: Tests/Quizzes are announced at least 3 days in advance. Dates of upcoming test/quizzes are posted on the board along with any other important dates to remember. If a student is present the day of the test and at least 1 of the 3 days prior to the test, he/she will be expected to take the test. Tests may be rescheduled only with the teacher’s permission.


~Study hall: Study hall is a time for a student to do his/her homework, study for and upcoming test, do something quietly, etc.


~Restroom breaks: Each class is given designated bathroom times. Talking in the hall during the restroom break may result in a student losing his/her restroom privilege. If a student needs to use the restroom not during these assigned times, they may do so but only during an emergency. If a student has a medical reason for using the restroom more frequently, a doctor’s note will need to be brought to the teacher to be kept on file.


~Dismissal of class: Until the bell rings, students are on the teacher’s time. Students should never gather their belongings before the bell rings (unless otherwise told to do so). When students get up from their seat, they are to look around their desk for any papers, trash, etc. Students are to make sure their desks are straight so the rows are cleared for safe and easy dismissal.


***Please keep in mind that these procedures may change somewhat as the year progresses. We may feel the need to add, change, or eliminate a procedure to help make the classroom function to its fullest potential.