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Supply List 


Course Syllabus for Eastern Hemisphere

Teacher: Mr. Eison

Supply List:

  1. Pencil or pen blue or black ink 
  2. Paper 
  3. 2 composition notebooks (1 for each semester)
  4. 4 folders with pockets and brads (1 for each 9wks)

Other things that would be great to have, but not required: 

  1. Colored pencils/ markers/crayons 
  2. Glue stick 
  3. Highlighter 
  4. Scissors 

Wish List Items: these are commonly used items in all classrooms that teachers would love to have, but are NOT required.

  1. ·       Tissue
  2. ·       Germ-X
  3. ·       Dry erase markers
  4. ·       Paper towels
  5. ·       Clorox wipes
  6. ·       Colored copy paper
  7. ·       Band aids



Course Objectives:

         In this class, you will learn about the history of the Eastern Hemisphere of the Earth. We will discuss history from the beginning of civilization to the Age of Enlightenment. The class will look at 8 Ancient Civilizations by asking what makes a civilization. You, as a student, will be responsible for taking notes from the PowerPoint presentations and completing all class work and homework assigned.


Course Grading:

         The final class grade will be calculated using the following percentages (this can also be found in your student agenda):


40%  Major Tests/Projects

10%  Nine Weeks Tests

35%  Quizzes/Class work

15%  Homework


            The final class letter grades will be assigned using the following grading scale (this can also be found in your student agenda):


A 100-90

B 89-80

C 79-70

D 69-65

F 64-below



         New calendars will be handed out monthly with topic covered for the day and a list of assignments and when they are due. This calendar will also be available on my website.