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Supply List 

Supply List

6th Grade

Common items needed in all subject areas:

·         Pencils

·         Wide rule loose leaf notebook paper

·         Highlighters

·         Colored pencils




Pens (blue or black ink)

Glue sticks

Post It notes

2 composition notebooks

4 plastic folders w/brads and pockets



Dry erase markers

Graph paper

Cap erasers

1 inch binder

Social Studies/Science


1 inch binder

Dividers with tabs

1 subject spiral notebook

Glue sticks





***Wish List Items: These are commonly used items that all of us will use throughout the year. We would greatly appreciate it if you could donate any of these items to your child’s classroom. Thanks!

·         Tissue

·         Germ-X

·         Extra Dry erase markers

·         Extra Pencils

·         Paper towels

·         Clorox wipes

·         Colored copy paper

·         Crayons

·         Markers

·         Glue Sticks (Math)

·         Extra colored pencils

·         Hand held pencil sharpeners (the colored pencils tear up our electric pencil sharpeners)

·         Band aids

·         Hard candy (jolly ranchers, mints, etc.)