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Davina Long Staff Photo

Supply List 

Southaven Middle School


7th Grade Supply List


 Ms. Long



Please bring all supplies to school within the first week, bagged and labeled with your child’s name and class period. These supplies are essential to our classroom, and will be used on a daily basis!


***Please keep your binder, one package of notebook paper, dividers, one composition book, and one box of pencils. These supplies will be brought to school daily.

 1-One inch binder (Will NOT be shared with other classes!)

 1- Package of Dividers

 2- 100 page composition notebooks (NOT SPIRAL!)

 2- Packages of #2 pencils (Ticonderoga preferred…Amazon has them cheap)

 2- Packages of college ruled notebook paper

 1- Box of colored pencils

 1- Box of crayons

 1- Box of markers

 1- Package of Post-Its   




If you would like to contribute any of the following items to our classroom, it would be greatly appreciated. 

Construction paper

Wrapped candy 

Colored Cardstock


Colored copy paper


Clorox Wipes

Paper Towels

Hand Sanitizer 


Also, we do various projects throughout the year, I will send information about those as the year progresses.  

Please have your child come to school EVERYDAY with a personal book to read! Many of the standards taught will come from classroom texts and independent choice reading.  After the first week, books from my classroom will be available to check-out.

I know how it is buying supplies (I am a mom of four myself). I promise I make sure to not waste anything, and I ration to last the whole school year. 

Thank you! I look forward to a great school year!