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Rhonda Kinney Staff Photo

Supply List 


To be left in the class:

  • 1 package of about 150 pages of Notebook Paper to be put in Math Journal
  • 1 inch 3-ring binder for Bellwork / Math Journal

To be carried in backpack:

  •      1 inch 3-ring binder for daily classwork & homework
  • Pencils - wooden or mechanical
  •      Erasers
  •      Hand held pencil sharpener
  •      Color pencils
  •      Scissors
  •      Glue Sticks - will be using several throughout the year
  •      Calculator (4-function)

EXTRA Items that are needed to cut down on germs

  •       Kleenex
  •       Hand Sanitizer
  •       Disinfecting Wipes