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This Week in History Class:


10/9 -  Complete Project & Understanding Presenting

10/10 - Presentation Day (Mesopotamia)

10/11 - Presentation Day (India)

10/12 - Presentation Day (Egypt)

10/13 - Presentation Day (China)


Resources for Projects:


Mesopotamia Links 


Mesopotamian Vocab


Ducksters- Mesopotamia


John Green Mesopotamia


Mesopotamia Song


Khan Academy- Mesopotamia


Mesopotamia for Kids




Egypt Links 


Egypt Vocab


Egypt for Kids


Ducksters- Egypt


John Green- Egypt


Egypt as told by kids


Egypt Song




India Links


India Vocab


India for kids


India Timeline


John Green Indus Valley


John Green Asoka


Long Documentary


India Song




China Link


China Vocab


 China Song 


John Green- China


Ancient China Video


Ducksters- China


Ancient China for kids




Lesson Plans '17-'18