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7th Grade Eastern Hemisphere History

Room 201




Chapter 4 Egypt

Unit essential Questions 

How is Egypt a Civilization? 

How is Egypt Similar and Different to Mesopotamia? 

How Does Geography Affect Egypt? 


Monday 10/20/14 

Title: Egypt Social Pyramid 

Objectives: Describe the various levels of Egyptian society

                     Define Social Pyramid 

                     Identify What part of a civilization a social pyramid will fit into. 

Bell Work: Review Question 

Activity 1: Social Pyramid Reading 

Activity 2: Discussion of social Pyramid 

Activity 3: Debate Questions about a Social Pyramid 

Assessment: Their Social Pyramid Handout. 


Tuesday 10/21/14 

Title: Egyptian Specialization  

Objectives: Describe how Geography Affects the civilization. 

Bell Work: Charts 

Activity 1: Agriculture Reading 

Activity: Reading Discussion 

Assessment: Reading Questions 






Wednesday 10/22/13

Title: Mummification 

Objectives: Describe the process of mummification 

                      Describe the role Religion plays in the government of a civilization 

Bell work: Picture Analysis 

Activity 1: Notes on Mummification process 4.2  

 Activity 2: Class discussion on Mummification

Activity 3: Mummy race : Students must put the steps of mummification in order before they begin to wrap their mummy  

Assessment: Mummy race


Thursday 10/23/14

Title: 4.5 Egyptian Contributions  Specialization/Learning 

Objectives:  List some of the important Egyptian inventions and contributions. 

Bell Work: Current Event Bell Work 

Activity 1: Notes 4.5 Egyptian Contributions

Activity 2: Discussion on How Egyptian advancements have influenced civilizations. 

Assessment: Discussion 


Friday  10/24/14 

Title: 4.3 A System of Writing  

Objectives: Define hieroglyphics, scribes, papyrus.

                     Discuss the involvement of writing in the building of the Great Pyramid 

 Bell Work: Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life. –Buddha

 Assess Quote: Is religion essential to civilization? Why or why not? 

Activity 1: Notes 4.3 System of Writing 

Activity 2: Become a scribe Activity: Students will write their names in hieroglyphics   

Assessment: Scribe Activity