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Greece Unit

Monday 1/1/18- Wednesday 1/3/18 No school  Winter Break

Thursday  1/4/18  Review rules and procedures 

Students will review their rules and procedures for 7th grade history. We will also set up our new interactive notebook.

Graded Activity: none


Friday  1/5/18: Greece Map and Vocabulary 

Students will learn about the key locations of Greece, and the impact its geography had on the development of the civilization.

Graded Activity: Greece Map


Monday   1/8/18: Greece Geography Notes 

Students will learn 10 facts about ancient Greece geography and explain the impact that they had on Greece. .

Graded Activity: Greece geography Activity


Tuesday  1/9/18: Greek City States

Students will learn about the city states of ancient Greece and how they impacted the running of the government.

Graded Activity: None


Wednesday   1/10/18: Athens Vs. Sparta

Students will Compare and contrast Athens and Sparta.
Graded Activity: Athens Sparta Activity

Thursday  1/11/18  Athens Vs. Sparta
Students will Compare and contrast Athens and Sparta.

Graded Activity: Athens Sparta Activity
Snow Delay 
Monday 1/22/18: Athens Vs. Sparta & Oligarchy/ Monarchy 


Students will:  Define Oligarchy and Monarchy.

Compare and Contrast Monarchy and Oligarchy

Graded Activity: Athens Vs. Sparta Activity 


Tuesday  1/23/18:  Democracy/ Greece Government


Students will learn about the importance of Greek Democracy and its impact on Greece and other civilizations.

Graded Activity: Greece Government Activity


Wednesday  1/24/18:  Philosophy

Students will identify Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. They will then describe the impact philosophy had on ancient Greece

Graded Activity: Greece Philosophy Activity


 Thursday  1/25/18: Ionian Revolt  

Identify the cause, course, and result of the Ionian Revolt.

Graded Activity: Ionian revolt Activity


Friday 1/26/18: Persian War 

Students will Evaluate the Persian War and identify the cause, course, and results of the Persian War.

Graded Activity: Persian war  Activity




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