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Welcome to 8th Grade Pre-AP Language Arts!


Mrs. Riley's Remind 101:

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For the 2nd 9 weeks, we will be looking at the essential question: "What is loyalty?"  We will be reading Inside The Magic Kingdom: Seven Keys to Disney's Success by Tom Connellan as our whole class novel for the 2nd 9 weeks. Students DO NOT have to buy the book. We have a classroom set.  We will also be doing an independent reading project 2nd 9 weeks.  Students will pick a book of their choice (must be at least 300 pages and 8th grade level or higher) to read.  They will be given a month to read the book and then be given 5 project options to choose from to go along with the book they read.


 11/27- 12/01

    This week we will be reading an article and a short story about family heirlooms and our loyalty to our families and our heritage.  Our short story is Alice Walker's "Everyday Use." We will also be taking a writing assessment on Friday December 1st.