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Welcome to 8th Grade Pre-AP Language Arts!


Mrs. Riley's Remind 101:

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For the 3rd 9 weeks, we will be looking at the essential question: "What drives people to find an answer?"  We will be reading Anthemby Ayn Rand as our whole class novel for the 3rd 9 weeks. Students DO NOT have to buy the book. We have a classroom set. 


 2/18- 3/8

    We will be working on the unsolved mystery project during the week of Feb. 18-22.  Information about the project can be found by clicking on Handouts at the top of the page.  We will also be taking CASE 21 tests that week.  English CASE 21 is Thursday February 21st, and the math CASE 21 is Friday February 22nd.  We will spend the rest of the 9 weeks reading Anthem by Ayn Rand and working on an argument essay to strengthen our writing skills in preparation for state testing.