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4th Nine Weeks


AGENDA - Our Essential Question for this nine weeks is What is your story?



Story Teller Project                   

Name _________________

4th Nine Weeks 2016



·        Choose an autobiography or a biography on a person of interest to you. The book must be a minimum of 120 pages and have multiple chapters.

·        Students are responsible for finding their own books and reading them on their own time. Southaven Public Library has an excellent selection.

·        Students may keep the books with them at school and read in class after classwork is complete.

·        Books must be brought to school and shown to Ms. Chester NO LATER THAN Monday, APRIL 4th! This will count as a homework grade.


·        Final projects are DUE Friday, May 6th! It will count as a NINE WEEKS TEST GRADE! Every day the project is late will result in a 20 point deduction. PLAN AHEAD!

·        Final projects may be typed and/or handwritten. Any typed portions should be in Times New Roman 14 font. Projects should be neat and error free!


Things to remember:


·        Assembling the Story Teller Book:

          The title will be the cover page to your book.

         You must also create a table of contents which will include page numbers.

         Binding the book: Staples are NOT acceptable and will result in a 10 point deduction! Clear, plastic binders are acceptable, but be creative in your binding.


         Number your pages!

___ 1.              Title – Colorfully write the name of your Story Teller Project, the title of the autobiography or biography, and author on a title page. Also, include your name, date, and the class period on this page. Make sure the colors and style you choose reflect the tone of the book.

___ 2.              Shape Poem – A shape poem is a poem that describes an object and is written in the shape of the object. The shape that you choose should symbolize something from your book and at the same time, explain the concept behind the shape.

___ 3.              Setting Senses - Choose at least three of the five senses to describe the setting of the book in at least two paragraphs. Was the setting a backdrop for the story, or was it a necessary part of the story? Remember that the setting includes both time and place. (For example: In The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963, the setting was critical to the plot of the book. The book was set in the 1960’s during the Civil Rights Movement when bombings were way too common in Birmingham, Alabama. Christopher Paul Curtis created this historical fiction book where Joetta (Joey) Watson was in the bombing at 16th Street Baptist Church on September 15, 1963. He discusses the loud booms of various bombings, especially the one Joey was in. He mentions that Kenny’s ‘ears didn’t work’ afterwards, due to him being in shock. Also, sight is used as he describes the scene of the church in the aftermath of the bombing.)

___ 4.              Timeline – Create a timeline of 15 major events from your person’s life, and correctly label the events.

___ 5.              Defining Moment – Draw the most important, most exciting, saddest, or most thought-provoking moment from your person’s life. Explain your drawing and its significance to the story in at least one paragraph underneath your picture.

___ 6.              Vocabulary Search – Locate at least ten challenging vocabulary words from the book. Write the words and their definitions and usage in a sentence with context clues. Include small pictures to help you remember the words.

___ 7.              Lessons Learned – What are some important lessons your person learned in his/her lifetime? What lessons can you learn from him/her? (Themes)

___ 8.              Quotations – Include at least two important quotations that are significant. Use creativity to add color and/or drawings to help showcase the importance of the quotes.

___ 9.              Photographs – Choose at least three photographs and/or pieces of art that represent your person’s life. Write a one paragraph summary including names, dates, and reason for selection.

___ 10.            Evaluation – Write your opinion of the book you selected. Make a claim, and use examples to support your opinion. Don’t say, “It was good.” Be specific. This must be three paragraphs.













The ABCs of History:

Holocaust Research Project

3rd Nine Weeks Test Grade ~ Ms. Chester


Due date: Friday, March 4, 2016


What is it?

Each student will be assigned a person, place, event, or term relating to the Holocaust to research.


What are the requirements?

·         A brief, yet detailed description of your topic in your own words based on internet research

·         MUST be typed: Times New Roman or Arial Font, 12pt, black ink ONLY. Must fit on one sheet of white copy paper

·         One picture for your topic (does NOT have to be in color and may be printed from the internet) which must be included on your typed page

·         While a limit is not necessarily required, you must type for quality not quantity! Your topic must be explained as though you are telling someone who knows nothing about the Holocaust.



Approved Websites*:

·         www.ushmm.org

·         www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org

·         www.holocaustsurvivors.org

·         www.yadvashem.org


*Any other website must be approved by me.



Plagiarism: the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own. This will result in a ZERO. NO EXCEPTION



If you have any questions regarding this project, feel free to email me at shuntay.chester@dcsms.org.












Week of 12/02-12/10 


I hope all of you had a restful and Blessed Thanksgiving Holiday. Please see important message below concerning the upcoming assignment. 

AGENDA - This week students will continue reading the novel "We Beat The Street".  Students will be assigned a Reading Project on 12/02-12/10 to complete while reading.





The construction of the standing cube was done in class today, 12/2/15, by each student with the teacher’s help. Time will be given in class to work on projects. Therefore, the projects may be kept in the classroom unless a student or parent requests that it be taken home. Students will also be provided with pictures of the three doctors. The student is not required to use the pictures provided by the teacher; other pictures can be used. It is the responsibility of the student to keep track of their project and pictures. If anything is lost by the student, it is the student’s responsibility to obtain the item in order to complete the project. Extra copies/items will not be given to the student. The 1st chart includes the items on each of the 4 sides of the cube. The 2nd chart is the rubric used for grading guidelines.

Side 1

Side 2

Side 3

Side 4

Title Page

Sampson Davis

George Jenkins

Rameck Hunt


Picture of Sam

Picture of George

Picture of Rameck

Create an alternate title for the   book that closely relates to the details and information of the text. The title of the book cannot be used.

Describe Sam’s feelings/emotions by   citing textual evidence.

Describe George’s feelings/emotions   by citing textual evidence.

Describe Rameck’s feelings/emotions   by citing textual evidence.

Create a logo or picture that   connects and relates to the book or an experience/incident discussed in the   book.

Use textual evidence to describe and explain Sam’s   personality and characteristics.

Use textual evidence to describe and explain George’s   personality and characteristics.

Use textual evidence to describe and explain Rameck’s   personality and characteristics.

Pictures from the book or pictures   used in class cannot be used on the title page. This is your visual representation of the   importance of the doctors’ journey to success.

Provide background information for   Sam by using textual evidence.   Settings, family and friends, and incidents that strongly affect Sam should   be included.

Provide background information for   George by using textual evidence.   Settings, family and friends, and incidents strongly affect George should   be included.

Provide background information for   Rameck by using textual evidence.   Settings, family and friends, and incidents that strongly affect   Rameck should be included.

Pictures/logos/collage may be   printed or drawn by the student.

Write a paragraph that explains what makes Sam a   winner. Use textual evidence to   support your response.

Write a paragraph that explains what makes George a   winner. Use textual evidence to   support your response.

Write a paragraph that explains what makes Rameck a   winner. Use textual evidence to   support your response.



Points Possible





Title Page includes all elements

Title Page missing elements

Title Page missing




Emotions/Feelings   correctly are described and explained by using textual evidence.

Emotions/feelings   not correctly described/1 or more doctors have few emotions or feelings

None of the   doctors have emotions/feelings.

Textual   evidence is not used.




Personality traits/characteristics of each   doctor are explained by using textual evidence.

Personality is not explained/1 or more   doctors have few or no personality traits

None of the doctors have a   personality/personality traits or characteristics.

Textual evidence is not used




Background   information is fully described for each doctor by using textual evidence.

Background   not fully explained/1 or more doctors have no background.

None of the   doctors have a background. Textual   evidence is not used.





What makes him a winner? This question is   fully answered for each doctor using textual evidence and is written in   paragraph form.

The question is not answered in paragraph   form or does not include cited evidence/Question is not answered for 1 or   more doctor

None of the questions are in paragraph form   or includes cited evidence/Question is left unanswered for all doctors. Textual evidence is not used.




Projects   reflects great effort in creativity/neatness

Minimal creativity   used/Information not written in an orderly manner (The information is there,   but it is hard to locate).

Project does   not exhibit any effort of creativity


Pictures/Doctors’ names are included on   each side

Pictures or names missing on 1 or more   sides

No pictures or names are included



No   mechanical/grammatical errors

Few   mechanical/grammatical errors

Excessive   mechanical/grammatical errors



Information Printed

Information neatly written

Information is not neatly written or   legible/readable.









Please have students read a minimum of 30 minutes. Ask your child to talk to you about what they read.  Reading practice and having those conversations about what they read goes a long way in improving comprehension.






Extended Text  





Students are to obtain a copy of this book for the second 9 weeks: We Beat the Street: How a Friendship Pact Led to Success by Sampson Davis, Rameck Hunt, George Jenkins.


Books can be ordered on Amazon and through Books-A-Million.  They can also be bought at stores such as Wal-Mart, Book Haven, and Barnes & Noble.


Thank you,

Ms. Chester





Progress Report Issue Date: 11/12/15

Case 21 Test

Math 7(Tuesday) 11/10/15

ELA(Wednesday) 11/11/15


Report Cards Day Thursday, October 14th!   


2nd Nine Weeks

ESSENTIAL QUESTION: What makes a Winner?

2nd Nine Weeks Mini Project Due Date: October 22, 2015



During the 2nd grading period, all of our reading and writing will be focused around answering our essential question, "What makes a winner?". Students will be exploring the answer to this question through the reading of our extended text, We Beat the Streets by George Jenkins, Samson Davis, Rameck Hunt, and Sharon Draper. We will read a variety of informational texts, including articles about: Michael Phelps, Lance Armstrong, Jonathan Vaughters, Darryl Strawberry, Nancy Kerrigan, Tonya Harding, and others.

Our writing focus will be learning the elements of informational writing. Students will be writing in response to texts read throughout this unit, as well as participating in several research activities.

It is recommended that students have their own copy of We Beat the Streets in order to read outside of the classroom. The book can be purchased at Books-A-Million, Barnes and Noble, or online at Amazon.com. The reading of this novel will take place both during classtime and at home. A class set is available to use in my classroom, but they will not be available for checkout. A project will be assigned on the book and will be due at the end of the grading period.

This unit is always a favorite of our students... and mine! :) I hope your child will enjoy reading and learning about current events and delving further into high interest topics. Please, feel  free to contact me at anytime by email at: shuntay.chester@dcsms.org, I will return your email.




Freak the Mighty 

By Rodman Philbrick 

Ms. Chester ~ 7th Grade English

Final Project

Due October 8, 2015


Required activities:
____ 1. Read the book. The object of this assignment is to select enough activities from each section to total the required points.


Section 1 Activities: 60 points
___x_ 1. Find 12 words throughout the book that are new to you. Complete a template (from Ms. Chester) for each word. Use the context of the word from the book to help you.   20 points
____ 2.  Draw a “poster” that would appeal to your friends and would make them want to read the book.  For example, the poster could resemble the back of the book, with pictures and a summary of the book or could be a movie poster. (This should be on computer paper) 10 points
____ 3.   Write a newspaper story about Freak the Mighty, after Chapter 20. 20 points
____ 4.  Rewrite the scene where Freak moves into Max’s neighborhood from Freak’s point of view. Include Freak’s memories of daycare.  20 points
_____5. Write an acrostic poem using the word “bionics.” (Your poem can relate to Freak, but it does not have to.) 10 points


___x__6. Write a eulogy for Freak that Max might have composed. 10 points


Section 2 Activities: 20 Points
1. Prepare a time line highlighting the history of robotics.  10 points
____ 2.  Illustrate one of your favorite scenes in the book. 10 points
____ 3. Write another chapter with a different ending to the story. 10 points

____ 4. Loretta believes that “rubbing a dwarf on the head” is good luck. Write a paragraph and illustrate another good luck superstition. 10 points
____ 5.   Read “A Sneak Peek at Max the Mighty” at the end of the novel. Then write a one page prediction of the adventures Max and Worm will have in the novel.   10 points



Section 3 Activities: Choose 20 points


____ 1.  Compare and contrast Freak and Max with another famous duo or pair. Write a detailed essay based on the two pairs.  20 points
____ 2.  Take the main components of a novel, setting, conflict, characters, etc and explain them. You must have at least 5.   20 points
____ 3. Research factors that influence people to bully others. Write a detailed essay on how to deal with bullies. Use your research to support your ideas. 20 points

____ 4.  Research King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, and write a detailed essay on your findings.     20 points


 *** Mandatory Items for students to complete have an X beside them.***

Students please remember to select the TOTAL numbers for each Section.



Other guidelines:

·       Creativity is KEY. The more creative, the better! J


·       Project must be in a folder of some sort where all pages are secured with brads.


·       Absolutely NO notebook paper should be used on this project. I can provide white copy paper if necessary.


·       Written information may be typed or handwritten. Regardless, it must be NEAT and legible.


·       Illustrations must be completed by the student, NOT an artistic friend or relative!






August 5, 2015


Dear Parents and Guardians,

I hope you had a wonderful summer and are looking forward to the jump start of another school year. I have been given the opportunity to work at Southaven Middle School as English Language Arts teacher and would like to introduce myself. I am Ms. Chester, your child’s 7th grade teacher for the 2015-2016 school year at Southaven Middle School. I am delighted to have your child in my class this year, and I am looking forward to a very successful year, as I know you are too. I have high expectations for your child and I will be doing all that I can to help your child achieve those expectations.

I will be expecting all work assigned in class to be completed. Of course, all children do not work at the same pace, so I will provide an ample amount of time for assignments to be completed. Homework will be sent home twice a week. Please make sure your child completes his/her homework assignments. Progress report will be sent home for you to sign and return each nine weeks. This is to keep you updated on your child’s academics.

I am expecting your child to be on his/her best behavior. To ensure this, we (the class) have classroom rules that we must follow. I am providing you with a list of our rules and consequences.

You have been provided with a list indicating the supplies that your child will need. Please make sure that your child has all the supplies that he/she needs for a successful year.

I look forward to building a relationship with each of you. I am always available for any questions or concerns that you may have throughout the year. You may contact me by leaving a message at the middle school or by e-mail. I am more than happy to set up meetings with you immediately after school or during my planning period. It is important to me that your child is comfortable and confident in his/her classroom environment. I want all the best and most positive experiences for your child during the upcoming school year! Together, let’s make this a fantastic school year! J




Shuntay Chester, ELA

*Email- shuntay.chester@dcsms.org

*Phone- Southaven Middle School (662) 280-0422


                                                             Ms. Chester

Please bring all supplies to school within the first week. These supplies are essential to our   classroom, and will be used on a daily basis!


   1 10 pack (or larger) #2 pencils

   1-3 Ring Binders with 3 divider tabs (Language/Reading/Writing)

   3 packages of Loose-leaf notebook paper

   2 Black/Blue Pens

   3 boxes of Kleenex

   2 Rolls of Paper Towels

   3 pack Dry Erase Markers / 2 Highlighters

   24 pack of Colored Pencils

   1Composition book (no spirals)

   2 Pack of Colored Sticky Notes (Small and Large packs)

   1 Ream of Colorful card stock paper or Colorful copy paper

   Scissors (They will keep these themselves so they can be used in other classes)

   2 Fine Point Black Sharpies

   2 Glue sticks

   1 Hand Sanitizer

   2 Disinfecting Wipes

   1 USB Flash drive (used by all grades)


If you would like to contribute any of the following items to our classroom, it would be greatly appreciated.


Old magazines


Wrapped candy 



Students who bring their supplies by Monday, August 10th, will receive a 100 for their first grade of the 9 weeks.


1st Nine Weeks

ESSENTIAL QUESTION: To what extent do your circumstances determine who you become?



During this nine-week period, we will be exploring this essential question in many ways through the use of different texts and books: Do our circumstances determine who we become?  The book we will be using this nine weeks is Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick.  I encourage all students to have this book by August 28th so that we are prepared to explore this essential question fully.  The book that will be used for the 2nd 9 week period is We Beat the Streets by Sampson Davis.  Books for the remaining 9 week periods will be announced at a later date.  Thank you for your prompt attention and support in this area.



Sign up for Remind: Text @mschesters to 81010.


I  highly recommend you sign up for REMIND 101 as soon as possible. I will use this throughout the year to remind you and your child of upcoming tests, projects, quizzes, homework, progress reports, etc. The codes for sign-up are located in the Parent Packet I sent home the first week of school.


Essential Questions and Books

1. To what extent do your circumstances determine who you become? 1st Nine Weeks
Freak the Mighty-Rodman Philbrick (Due 8/28)
2. What makes a winner? 2nd Nine Weeks
We Beat the Streets-Sampson Davis
3. How do we fight injustice? 3rd Nine Weeks
Book to be announced
4. What should we learn? 4th Nine Weeks
Students will choose a book based on certain guidelines.

1st Mini Project

Coat of Arms

Date Issued: 8/17/2015

Due Date: 8/24/2015

Subject: 7th Grade Language Arts


Coat of Arms project is due Monday, August 24th! This project must be placed on a Poster board.