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4th Nine Weeks

ESSENTIAL QUESTION: "What should we learned?"

                                  Bloom Book Projects will count

                                           as 9 weeks Test Grade


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3rd Nine Weeks

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3rd Nine Weeks

ESSENTIAL QUESTION: How Do We Fight Injustice?

3rd Nine Weeks Mini Project:

                                                                                  Ms. Chester

                                                                                                                                          Due Thursday        


Mini Project

How Do We Fight Injustice?


Supplies: flash drive, computer, internet connection


1.      Research how some people in the world have chosen to fight injustice in a positive way.

2.      Think of ways you have fought injustice or plan to do so.

3.      Make a Power Point that includes pictures and explanations of the research you’ve done. (Research could be done on family members or friends.)

4.      You should have at least 4 slides: Title Page, 2slides that includes the information you have researched, and 1 slide on how you fight injustice.

5.      Be specific and detailed.

6.      I am looking for creativity and effort.




Points Possible


Points Earned


All Directions Followed



Explanations Clear/Detailed



Appropriate Pictures Used



Turned In On Time





Additional Points Added/Deducted            










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       2nd Nine Weeks


ESSENTIAL QUESTION: What makes a Winner?

2nd Nine Weeks Mini Project:



InfromativeTextual Evidence Test will be Monday, November 17th.





2nd Nine Weeks Final Project:                            

                                  What makes a winner?

Project Cubes

Due Date: December 12, 2014


In this project, you will be creating a 3-D research cube relating to someone who, in your opinion, is a true winner. Your finished cube will have six sides. Each side must include the following information about the individual you have chosen.

  1. Name and Picture
  2. Birth (hometown and date)/Death/Education
  3. Characteristics/qualities of a winner (What did he/she do?)
  4. Acquaintances/Key Friends
  5. Three interesting Facts (something interesting or fun about that person)
  6. Impact to the world (How did what he did change the world?)


Directions for creating the cubes:

Collect the following materials:

1 poster board (color is your choice)               1 ruler

1 pair of scissors                                           1 pencil

tape or glue

piece of string, yarn, ribbon, ETC (about a foot and a half in length)

materials for your project (pictures, colored paper, ETC)

Information for your project (facts and other important information from above)


Steps to make the cube:

  1. Using your ruler, you will need to cut out of the poster board six 9.25 inch by 9.25 inch squares.
  2. On all four sides of each square, you need to measure and mark in ½ inch. After this step, you will have a smaller box outlined in the middle of the poster board square.
  3. At   this time, you will need to put the information for your project on the squares accordingly. DO NOT MOVE ON UNTIL THIS IS COMPLETED!
  4. When you have finished putting your project information on your squares, you need to cut the corners out of all 6 squares. If you have marked the ½ inch marks  correctly, then the corners should already be drawn, and you only have to cut. The corners you cut out will be ½ inch by ½ inch.
  5. Next, you will need to fold along the ½ inch lines.
  6. On the  right side of four of the squares (doesn’t matter which ones, you can choose), you need to cut off the ½ inch poster that has been folded.
  7. On two of the squares, you will need to cut off the entire ½ inch of folded poster board on all four sides.
  8. Now, you will connect the four squares where you cut off the ½ inch side with tape or glue. When this is complete, you should have the cube, but it will not have a top or a bottom.
  9. Tape  or glue the bottom piece onto the bottom of the cube.
  10. Finally,  take the yarn or ribbon that you chose, and securely tape it to the back of the top piece of poster board. After you have taped the yarn or ribbon, you will tape or glue the top piece onto your cube.

     Congratulations, you are now finished!


What makes a winner?

Project Cube Grading Rubric


Student’s Name _______________

                          Turned in Date_________

                              Student’s Grade_________

                       My winner is ____________________


1.)   Box is measured correctly (up to 15 points) _________

2.)   Subject’s name and picture (up to 10 points)_________

3.)   Birth/Death/Education (up to 10 points) ____________

4.)   Winning characteristics (up to 15 points) ________

5.)   Acquaintances/Key Friends (up to 15 points) ________

6.)   Three Interesting Facts (up to 15 points


7.)   Impact to the world (up to 20 points)_______




Points added/deducted ______

Total Score  ________


You will be graded on content, relevance, grammar and writing. Do your very best!!!



  Mini Project

YOU are a WINNER!!! 

Due Friday, October 24, 2014   

o Get a picture of yourself 

o Put picture in the center of the paper that I will give you in class 

o Around the picture, place ten (10) ADJECTIVES that describe your personality


Picture:               20 points 

Adjectives:         6 points each 

Creativity/effort:  20 points



                                                                                                                                       Ms. Chester


2nd Project


Freak the Mighty

By Rodman Philbrick 

Ms. Chester ~ 7th Grade English

Final Project Due October 10, 2014

Required activities:
____ 1. Read the book. The object of this assignment is to select enough activities from each section to total the required points.

Section 1 Activities: 60 points
_X___ 1. Find 12 words throughout the book that are new to you. Complete a template (from Ms. Chester) for each word. Use the context of the word from the book to help you.   20 points
_X__ 2.  Draw a “poster” that would appeal to your friends and would make them want to read the book.  For example, the poster could resemble the back of the book, with pictures and a summary of the book or could be a movie poster. (This should be on computer paper) 10 points
_X___ 3.   Write a newspaper story about Freak the Mighty, after Chapter 20. 20 points
____ 4.  Rewrite the scene where Freak moves into Max’s neighborhood from Freak’s point of view. Include Freak’s memories of daycare.  20 points
_____5. Write an acrostic poem using the word “bionics.” (Your poem can relate to Freak, but it does not have to.) 10 points

_X___6. Write a eulogy for Freak that Max might have composed. 10 points


Section 2 Activities: 20 Points
1. Prepare a time line highlighting the history of robotics.  10 points
____ 2.  Illustrate one of your favorite scenes in the book. 10 points
____ 3. Write another chapter with a different ending to the story. 10 points

____ 4. Loretta believes that “rubbing a dwarf on the head” is good luck. Write a paragraph and illustrate another good luck superstition. 10 points
____ 5.   Read “A Sneak Peek at Max the Mighty” at the end of the novel. Then write a one page prediction of the adventures Max and Worm will have in the novel.   10 points


Section 3 Activities: Choose 20 points

____ 1.  Compare and contrast Freak and Max with another famous duo or pair. Write a detailed essay based on the two pairs.  20 points
____ 2.  Take the main components of a novel, setting, conflict, characters, etc and explain them. You must have at least 5.   20 points
____ 3. Research factors that influence people to bully others. Write a detailed essay on how to deal with bullies. Use your research to support your ideas. 20 points

____ 4.  Research King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, and write a detailed essay on your findings.     20 points

Other guidelines:

·       Creativity is KEY. The more creative, the better! J

·       Project must be in a folder of some sort where all pages are secured with brads.

·       Absolutely NO notebook paper should be used on this project. I can provide white copy paper if necessary.

·       Written information may be typed or handwritten. Regardless, it must be NEAT and legible.

·       Illustrations must be completed by the student, not an artistic friend or relative!







  WELCOME to the 7th GRADE! 




Dear Parents:

I am Ms. Chester, your child’s 7th grade Reading and Language Arts teacher for the 2014-2015 school year at Southaven Middle School. I am delighted to have your child in my class this year, and I am looking forward to a very successful year, as I know you are too. I have high expectations for your child and I will be doing all that I can to help your child achieve those expectations.




ESSENTIAL QUESTION: Do your circumstances determine who you become?








1st Project

Coat of Arms

Due Date: 8/19/2014

Subject: 7th Grade Language Arts


Coat of Arms project is  due on Friday, August 15th! If you have lost or misplaced the assignment, please check the forms tab.