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       2nd Nine Weeks


ESSENTIAL QUESTION: What makes a Winner?

2nd Nine Weeks Mini Project: 


YOU are a WINNER!!! 

Due Friday, October 24, 2014   

o Get a picture of yourself 

o Put picture in the center of the paper that I will give you in class 

o Around the picture, place ten (10) ADJECTIVES that describe your personality


Picture:               20 points 

Adjectives:         6 points each 

Creativity/effort:  20 points







                                                                                                                                                    Ms. Chester


2nd Project


Freak the Mighty

By Rodman Philbrick 

Ms. Chester ~ 7th Grade English

Final Project Due October 10, 2014

Required activities:
____ 1. Read the book. The object of this assignment is to select enough activities from each section to total the required points.

Section 1 Activities: 60 points
_X___ 1. Find 12 words throughout the book that are new to you. Complete a template (from Ms. Chester) for each word. Use the context of the word from the book to help you.   20 points
_X__ 2.  Draw a “poster” that would appeal to your friends and would make them want to read the book.  For example, the poster could resemble the back of the book, with pictures and a summary of the book or could be a movie poster. (This should be on computer paper) 10 points
_X___ 3.   Write a newspaper story about Freak the Mighty, after Chapter 20. 20 points
____ 4.  Rewrite the scene where Freak moves into Max’s neighborhood from Freak’s point of view. Include Freak’s memories of daycare.  20 points
_____5. Write an acrostic poem using the word “bionics.” (Your poem can relate to Freak, but it does not have to.) 10 points

_X___6. Write a eulogy for Freak that Max might have composed. 10 points


Section 2 Activities: 20 Points
1. Prepare a time line highlighting the history of robotics.  10 points
____ 2.  Illustrate one of your favorite scenes in the book. 10 points
____ 3. Write another chapter with a different ending to the story. 10 points

____ 4. Loretta believes that “rubbing a dwarf on the head” is good luck. Write a paragraph and illustrate another good luck superstition. 10 points
____ 5.   Read “A Sneak Peek at Max the Mighty” at the end of the novel. Then write a one page prediction of the adventures Max and Worm will have in the novel.   10 points


Section 3 Activities: Choose 20 points

____ 1.  Compare and contrast Freak and Max with another famous duo or pair. Write a detailed essay based on the two pairs.  20 points
____ 2.  Take the main components of a novel, setting, conflict, characters, etc and explain them. You must have at least 5.   20 points
____ 3. Research factors that influence people to bully others. Write a detailed essay on how to deal with bullies. Use your research to support your ideas. 20 points

____ 4.  Research King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, and write a detailed essay on your findings.     20 points

Other guidelines:

·       Creativity is KEY. The more creative, the better! J

·       Project must be in a folder of some sort where all pages are secured with brads.

·       Absolutely NO notebook paper should be used on this project. I can provide white copy paper if necessary.

·       Written information may be typed or handwritten. Regardless, it must be NEAT and legible.

·       Illustrations must be completed by the student, not an artistic friend or relative!







  WELCOME to the 7th GRADE! 




Dear Parents:

I am Ms. Chester, your child’s 7th grade Reading and Language Arts teacher for the 2014-2015 school year at Southaven Middle School. I am delighted to have your child in my class this year, and I am looking forward to a very successful year, as I know you are too. I have high expectations for your child and I will be doing all that I can to help your child achieve those expectations.




ESSENTIAL QUESTION: Do your circumstances determine who you become?








1st Project

Coat of Arms

Due Date: 8/19/2014

Subject: 7th Grade Language Arts


Coat of Arms project is  due on Friday, August 15th! If you have lost or misplaced the assignment, please check the forms tab.