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~It is Week 11~

Our class motto is "Be the Change you Want to See." I believe it is very important to know about history, but it is more important to think for themselves and be a good person in the world.  As a class, I want all of us to work on giving back positively to everyone around us. Homework every Friday will be to complete an intentional act of kindness, sometimes simple and sometimes direct. Post pictures and use the hashtag #BetheChange!

Missing work policy is fairly strict.  All student work should be turned in the day the work is due and that class period, unless absent. If turned in a day late, the grade will be lowered by 50%. After the second day, the work will receive a zero.  I am very strict on this policy and no exceptions will be made. This policy goes back to teaching students to be responsible young adults. 

If you are curious as to what we are doing in class, the link to my lesson plan is below.  It has all of the lesson plans for the year, although most of them are not completely filled out. **Plans are subject to change so don't rely on them too heavily.


Lesson Plans


Tests tend to be very different from 6th to 7th grade. No longer are students just memorizing information, they will need to apply that information. On top of that, most tests are cumulative [Here's lookin' at you, Semester Exam!]. Below is a link to study skills that can help improve test grades overall and definitely on those pesky cumulative exams!


Study Skills


The Remind 101 has also been set up for our classroom. Please text the number 81010 with the message @bfddc34

Remind is an easy way for me to message with parents or answer questions for students. I do my best to check for texts, messages, or emails but I do not promise immediate response. Please allow 24 hrs for me to respond on a regular day, and 2 days for a weekend. Thanks for being awesome!

River Valley Civilization projects were due Monday! I still have a number of project posters not turned in, although most have presented without them. Each day is more points off, up to 50. Please turn in those posters! We will present Mesopotamia on Tuesday, Egypt on Wednesday, India on Thursday, and China on Friday. The links below are still here to help any student who is nervous about their presentation. All presentation grades are up the day your student presents, unless they have not yet turned in a poster.


~Here are some helpful links to study for the semester exam~ 

Mesopotamia Links 

Mesopotamian Vocab

Ducksters- Mesopotamia

John Green Mesopotamia

Mesopotamia Song

Khan Academy- Mesopotamia

Mesopotamia for Kids


Egypt Links 

Egypt Vocab

Egypt for Kids

Ducksters- Egypt

John Green- Egypt

Egypt as told by kids

Egypt Song


India Links

India Vocab

India for kids

India Timeline

John Green Indus Valley

John Green Asoka

Long Documentary

India Song


China Link

China Vocab

 China Song 

John Green- China

Ancient China Video

Ducksters- China

Ancient China for kids


Greence Link

Ancient Greece for kids

Ancient Greece Ducksters

Greek History for kids

John Green Persian War

John Green Alexander the Great

Ancient Greece Song