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Meet Your Teacher,

Hello, sixth graders, my name is Mr. Lane; I am pleased to be your 2017-2018 sixth-grade mathematics teacher. This year is my eighth year in education, my seventh year teaching, and my third year teaching at Southaven Middle School; I am ready to rock and roll this school year.

I received my bachelor's in science from Trinity International University, with a G.P.A. of 3.48. I received my masters in science from Walden University, with a 3.5 G.P.A., I am in the last year of my doctorate studies in education at Walden University, with a 3.80 G.P.A. I wonderfully enjoy school and cannot wait to pass this enjoyment for education on to my students.

This year will be my third year in Southaven Mississippi after living in Chicago, Illinois. I have five children one of which is in sixth grade. My teaching style for my students is comparable to my teaching style for my children. My disciplinary style for my students is similar to my disciplinary style for my children. My expectations for my students is comparable to my expectations for my students. I will give the best of me every day, and I ask that you give me the best of you every day.  I am a fair but firm teacher. I am the type of teacher that will encourage you to produce better work, urge you to go beyond yourself, and encourage you to be more than you thought you could be. With that said, you will work hard in my classroom because I will work hard in my classroom.

When I am not teaching or planning to teach, I spend time relaxing with my family. I enjoy playing my Xbox One, listening to music and eating at some of these excellent restaurants around the neighborhood. I dedicate myself to my students, day or night, for the school year. You are allowed to email me whenever and you will get a response back usually within two hours. On Sundays, I try to attend Brown Baptist Church, whenever I am not swamped with my studies and preparing to teach.

P.S. Always check file manager to view assignments


Here are a few of my favorite things:

Stores: Gamestop, Walmart, Target, Office Depot, Lowes, Menards

Restaurants: Memphis Barbeque, T.G.I. Fridays, Applebees



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