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Europe Study Guide
Due Date: 5/8/2018
Subject: 7th Grade U.S. History

Concepts:                                   Vocabulary:

Renaissance                               Printing Press

Reformation                                Protestantism

Tudor England (Henry VIII)           95 Thesis

Elizabethan Era                            Geocentric


People:                                      Excommunication

Lorenzo Medici                             Indulgence

Pope Leo X                                  Spanish Armada

Copernicus                                   Humanism

Leonardo de Vinci                                DON’T FORGET TO STUDY YOUR MAP!!! 

Martin Luther                              1. What was so important about the 

Henry VIII                                       defeat of the Spanish Armada? 

Katherine of Aragorn                    2. Why was the printing press such an 

Anne Boleyn                                      important invention?

Mary (the Bloody)                        3. How did the Renaissance change man’s

Elizabeth                                           view of the world?


Why Study History Video
Due Date: 8/7/2015
Subject: 7th Grade U.S. History

This is a video on why we study history. Click the link and watch the short video.  Think about which reason stands out to you the most.