Demetris Taylor

7th Grade English

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I received my Bachelor of Science degree from Central Michigan University and my MS.Ed from Walden University.

I am certified in English, Special Education, Science, History and Psychology.


I have been a teacher for 8 years. This is my 5th year at Southaven Middle School. Go Chargers!

The experience of watching students grow and change over a school year is incredible. It gives me great pleasure to make a difference in the life of a child. Because I love and care about my students, I hope to create a comfortable, safe, and meaningful learning environment in my classroom. 


This English Language Arts class enables students to study the elements of language arts through short stories, nonfiction, drama, poetry, novels, and various writing units. Student voices will not only be heard through text discussions but also writing. Emphasis will be on independent and higher-level thinking skills, and responding to text through writing will be emphasized. The English language arts program aims to develop lifelong readers and writers who can successfully communicate in our global society.

I am a Teacher:   I refer to my past and present students as "My Kids"

I am a Teacher:   I am not in it for the income, I am in it for the outcome.

I am a Teacher:   It's who I am, it's my passion, my calling and my world. 



If you need any assistance please email me or text me through school status.